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The Trans-Atlanticist

Exploring the Trans-Atlantic Relationship at the Amerikazentrum in Hamburg

The Trans-Atlanticist
Andrew Sola explores the past, present, and future of relations between Europe and the United States with scholars, artists, authors, politicians, journalists, and business leaders. Based at the Amerikazentrum in Hamburg, the Trans-Atlanticist provides you with insights from the thought leaders who are shaping the trans-Atlantic relationship every single day.


  • Season 01 Episode 01: Trump’s First Year with Dr. Jackson Janes

    Janes and Sola discuss how different presidents have affected the trans-Atlantic relationship in their first years before looking specifically at German-American relations during the course of Donald Trump’s first year.

  • Season 01 Episode 02: Poster Double Happiness Exhibit with Torsten Jahnke

    Torsten Jahnke from the American Poster Institute and Andrew Sola discuss the history of gig posters in the USA and Europe as well as gig posters as an art form.

  • Season 01 Episode 03: Start-up Advice from Silicon Valley Insider Gideon Marks

    Andrew Sola and Gideon Marks, from the Google Incubator Accelerator in Silicon Valley, discuss product creation, team building, mentorship, data privacy, Industry 4.0, as well as the importance of values and ethics in start-ups.

  • Season 01 Episode 04: This Month at the EU with Dr. Danner

    In the first installment of “This Month at the EU with Dr. Danner,” Andrew Sola and EU insider Guenter Danner discuss the elections in Italy, the formation of a coalition government in Germany, the latest in the Brexit negotiations, the effect of Trump’s tax cuts on the European economy, and Russian-EU relations.

  • Season 01 Episode 05: Life Lessons with Basketball Legend Wilbert Olinde, Jr.

    Basketball legend Wilbert Olinde, Jr., and Andrew Sola discuss ways to maximize one’s potential, learn from life’s challenges, and cope with daily stresses. They also discuss immigration politics in Germany and lessons from Dr. Martin Luther King.

  • Season 01 Episode 06: Henry David Thoreau and Civil Disobedience with Professor Dieter Schulz

    Professor Dieter Schulz and Andrew Sola discuss Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” and its influence on Dr. Martin Luther King.

  • Season 01 Episode 07: This Month at the EU with Dr. Danner

    In the April 2018 edition of “This Month at the EU with Dr. Danner,” Andrew Sola and EU insider Guenter Danner discuss the elections in Hungary, the state of the Greek economy at the end of the bailout, and China’s influence on the EU.


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