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Das Amerikazentrum Hamburg e.V. sucht fortlaufend eine Praktikantin oder einen Praktikanten. Aktuell zum 07. Januar 2019 für mindestens drei Monate für 25 Stunden/Woche

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KarteAmerikazentrum Hamburg e. V.
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20457 Hamburg

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13.09. Nelson Algren Day
Amerikazentrum Hamburg - Hamburg
Amerikazentrum Hamburg


An evening celebrating the life and work of the great Chicago author and intellectual Nelson Algren with Chicago novelist Douglas Cowie and film director Ilko Davidov.

A free Chicago-Hamburg Sister-City Event sponsored by the Amerikazentrum Hamburg

18:00-19:30 Screening of Davidov’s Nelson Algren: The End Is Nothing, the Road Is All (BulletProof Film, 2015)
19:30-20:00 Reading from Cowie’s Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago (Myriad, 2016)
20:00-21:00 Discussion with Davidov and Cowie and book-signing

Moderator: Anna K. Plumeyer

The program will take place in English.

Nelson Algren:
Nelson Algren is perhaps the quintessential Chicago author. Throughout his career as a novelist, essayist, and journalist, he documented the gritty underbelly of the city, depicting the junkies, mobsters, prostitutes, and petty criminals who lived in the slums of Chicago in the 20th century. Algren won the National Book Award in 1950 for his novel The Man with the Golden Arm, which was produced as a film with the same name starring Frank Sinatra. A left-leaning intellectual, Algren was caught up in the Red Scare of the 1950s. The FBI created a file on him amounting to some 500 pages, but he was never charged with subversion. Algren had a lengthy romantic relationship with the French feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir, and his ideas influenced her famous treatise The Second Sex. Today, Nelson Algren is remembered for his pioneering and sympathetic portrayal of the working-class people of Chicago.

Douglas Cowie:
Douglas Cowie is the author of Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago, a novel about Algren’s relationship with Simone de Beauvoir. He is originally from Chicago and has lived in England and Berlin since 1999. He is Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Royal Holloway, University of London. He is also the author of Owen Noone and the Marauder and two linked novellas, Sing for Life: Tin Pan Alley and Sing for Life: Away, You Rolling River.

Please find more information at

Praise for Noon in Paris, Eight in Chicago:

“This intoxicating portrayal of raw animal-magnetism is a reimagining of the love affair between Simone de Beauvoir and Nelson Algren. It is vividly atmospheric – the literary equivalent of stepping into a Hopper painting. I was walking those 1947 Chicago streets with them.” The Pool

“Cowie favours understatement and suggestion over bedroom fireworks... words left unsaid heat the page... A classic story brought to life by classic story-telling.” The Skinny

Ilko Davidov:
Ilko Davidov co-directed and produced of the documentary film Nelson Algren: The End Is Nothing, the Road Is All. He founded BulletProof Film in 1995, where he has produced, edited, and directed numerous award-winning documentaries including producing and editing the much-acclaimed William S. Burroughs: A Man Within. In 2008, Davidov co-founded the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival (CIMMfest), an annual 4-day, multi-venue event highlighting the crossover of film and song. He also serves on the advisory board of the American Documentary Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA.

Please find more information on the film at

Praise for Nelson Algren: The End Is Nothing, the Road Is All:

“Authoritative, radical last, an hour and a half of who Nelson Algren was and what he meant.” Jan Hermann,

“Compelling, exciting, enlightening.” Rick Kogan, The Chicago Tribune

“The End Is Nothing ..." opens with the most striking scene of either film: It's nighttime, and older cars are speeding past the downtown Chicago skyline. Over a jazz soundtrack, Algren, invoking Carl Sandburg, speaks: "City of the big grey flannel shoulders / where fog comes on little cat feet / You told me you were brutal / My answer, 'What other city can I buy a judge for five bills and be so sure he'll keep his word. What's so brutal about that?'" The Chicago Tribune


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